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Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below are a few of my most recently published books for you to browse. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.


Lovin Safari II Gunzz and roses

Safari Kennedy and Zues Beloit finally get a opportunity to share life and love together. The beautiful shores of Belize, Mexico is the backdrop for their well deserved bliss. Gunzz Black has been put away for good. Or has he?Gunzz has escaped from his maximum security prison and is hell bent on revenge, causing havoc and murder along the way. Extending as far away as their own front door.
Zues and Safari realize that until Gunzz is stopped permanently, they will never be free of him. Zues takes it on himself to put a end to his devious tirades, and makes a move on his own, not telling Safari. Along with Thomi, his brother in law, he prepares for the insinuating standoff between them.
Safari enlist the help of friends, Missouri District Attorney, Tabitha Wallace, and another friend, Private Detective Aniah Myers to not only seek out the whereabouts of Zues, but to finally end St. Louis of Gunzz's scourge.
Will Zues finally come face to face with his mortal enemy Gunzz? Will Safari struggles put a end to Gunzz's never ending efforts to rid her of obtaining happiness? Or will something or someone stand in her way.
Dean Hamid weaves a genuine classic tale of action-thriller, romance and drama in the telling of Lovin Safari II / Gunzz and roses... 


Lovin Safari

There's nothing like a woman who's attractive, educated and armed with many talents. Talents that could knock a grown man to his knees even if he's supposed to be putting her down on her back.

Meet Safari Kennedy, a only child born to parents who both meet an untimely death, but unlike her mother who dies in a automobile accident, Safari witnesses the murder of her father. For some unbeknownst reason, the killer lets her get away. Years pass, and she never tells a soul, but spends her time preparing to cross his path, again.

Then, there is Zues Bellot, a crafty, seasoned assassin. An assistant to one of the most powerful political, mobsters in St. Louis, Missouri; Mr. Gunzz Black. Men, who by day dress in suits kissing babies, but by night control another market that dominates both worlds; criminal.

Not looking for love. Zues and Safari, are on a conquest not knowing how they will play into each other's hands until it's too late, or is it? Will Safari and Zues allow Gunzz Black to have his way, or even fate; or will they remain focused on the task at hand,

finally finishing something that was started in their past?

It's all about to be revealed when the past walks the future down with possible grave consequences.


Cold hard wind

    Kim Rashell Williams is that girl. That girl who pulled herself out of her 'so-called' hood, and did something with her life; despite a verbally abusive father. Her mother, also verbally as well as physically abused. Not able to take it anymore, she left, leaving a very young child to fend for herself. Kim became the girl who hid herself in books, and was ridiculed as a result of, but she went on to attain a higher level of education and hence leave the hood. But, the price to bear, was phycological damage, causing bouts with anxiety.
    However, in College, she becomes close with a Laotian student named, Malana. And together, they endure the same things, feelings. She was Kim's first BFF. After graduating, she became very successful; calling shots. Single, educated, and beautiful.
    Thrn, one night, her friend Malana calls her. Distraught. Scared for her life. Kim rushes to her home only to find out she's been murdered, along with her whole family, but she finds her daughter. The only one left alive. She ponders going to the Police, but learns quickly that somehow they're involved; along with a deadly Asian gang. They have to run.
    Along the way she teams up with Congratulations, and Lui, and with their help and their strength, Kim steps up and confronts the hard core killers trying to take her, and Malana's child, Alika out.
    Now, they're all marked for death. Narrowly escaping danger with their lives, but it's Kim who has to find out who to turn to? To trust. And, what she has to do to keep her and the child alive?  But then, what do the mysterious Asian markings, the tattoo, that she finds on the child's back mean? Life, or death?
    For Kim her only option is to use her smarts to keep them all alive and safe from Master Tran, boss of the notorious Hip Chong Tong, and the corrupted Police who are on her trail, before she falls prey to Detroit's...
'Cold hard wind...'
A classic action drama by the author

Dean Hamid



In a world full of destitute conditions and violence at every turn something needs to happen to put humanity back on track. An evil science driven regime threatens to keep the humans under their thumb forever unless the Earth can be restored back to it's original majestic greatness. Throughout these perils, a war wizard and a vampire finds The Unthinkable. A love worth fighting to keep. Now, with people to die for and mystical creatures constantly attacking to do battle for the evil regimes, how long can they go on this way? Can Safi and Tender's love save a spiraling world from the clutches of sure death? They must.



Lost Boy

Check out my latest published book. After spending countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready. Creative, innovative, and filled with excitement, Lost Boy is the next book for you. If you liked my previous titles I guarantee you’ll love this one as well.Synopsis...
It was supposed to be quick, in and out. A put the tim down type of lick, that’s all. But it all went so very wrong…fast. Jabari had this crazy passion for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and making a helluva lot of wrong decisions. His homeboy paid a price for it with his life and Jabari ends up with two bodies on his hands.
He needs to obtain money back that was stolen from a slick, ghetto, sheisty District Attorney, then find the only witness to the murders so he can have a clean slate. On top of it all, the witness also happens to be the one who’s found the money. But there are others stalking him, wanting the same thing, the money.
Jabari needs to handle business fast before he too becomes the next victim or body, so he won’t be forever…lost. Get caught up with Jabari and turn the pages in this drama filled, action-packed novel written by the novelist ~Dean Hamid~


Dunya: The do or die

In 1971, Khalid Muhammad spoke out against the violence and drugs that plagued the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn community. Tragically he lost his life as a result, soon after, a bitter, violent vortex encircles the lives of his family. Despite his wife Waseema’s struggles against all odds to hold the family down, it wasn’t enough. Their oldest son, Mustapha, resorts to selling drugs; their son Rasheed gets caught up robbing drug dealers and their daughter Shaheeda, falls prey to the crack-cocaine and prostitution that ravages the once proud and thriving Bushwick-Hylan Projects.

To make matters worse, Rasheed and his crew rob a larger than life stash of cash and drugs from one of Brooklyn's top dope pushers. In the complex web of events that take place next, Rasheed unwittingly stumbles on a break involving his father's death. The web is further tangled by the betrayal of his lover, and best friend hindering his quest to avenge the persons responsible. Meanwhile his crew, and family unite attempting to break the clutches of a psychotic drug king-pen named Carlos. 

In the all too thrilling, Houdini-like finish, his father's past threatens to hold onto secrets that may one day set Rasheed free from his demons. But all is not lost when Khalid's last words are revealed; an Arabic translation for the melodramatic lunacy of Rasheed's crazed world-the only clue...Dunya!

All books available at Amazon.com; Barnes and Noble; and exclusively by Wahida Clark Distribution and Media

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