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Lovin Safari

The blue hazed smoke hovered high above the air in the room like a cloud against the large framed, tinted window overlooking downtown St. Louis. In the background the arches of the Gateway Monument lingered precociously setting the mood as the man who smoked on the fat Cohiba leaned back looking out at them. Deep in thought, his mind pondered heavy on the meeting he had planned.  His name is Gunzz Black and he's the biggest mobster in St. Louis. Most people remembered him back when he was just a two-bit nickle and dime thug doing extortion in the hood. Now, thanks to his connections that he established from out of Chicago, he was now, the man. Although it took a while for him to climb the mountain to the top, it wasn't without casualty. Fortunantly, none of it his. Not wanting to get his own hands dirty, he hired hit men to do his dirty work, and that was killing off the competition. After going through his fair share, he settled with his best two. Zues, and Marcus.  Well trained by Vervin, Zues' uncle, he could depend on them for results. Zues was the best by far, and most organized. He didn't take no shorts, but his buddy Marcus could be compromised, he knew that much. That's why he had to keep an eye on him.  He kicked his feet down off of the windowsill and turned towards his desk. Sitting in front of him was Marcus. He nodded his way, then got up and walked towards the sofa where he sat and said. "So, you think he‘ll do it?" Leaning down on the backside, he leaned over and eyeballed him directly in his face. He was always trying to put some sort of intimidation on him, but it never worked. Even though he was tall, standing at six foot, he was still rather light in the ass in comparison to Marcus. He weighed only 165 to Marcus' buck-90.  He rubbed on his ear, it was his habit. Every since the shootout that took half of it off; rival gang that rolled on him at a gym. He escaped that one, but he sought out revenge in the way of a hit. Marcus did the job for him, and he was successful. Every since then he always looked for him for advice in a matter were he felt threatened, and this imminent hit was one of those moments...

Lovin Safari


The moon peeped its head inside the cool, pastel-green colored room illuminating its light on the face of the gentleman that sat in the powder blue easy-chair watching the stars party as they twinkled. Gazing off from the moonlight, he then turned towards the door behind him as his mind transfixed itself back into reality.
He crossed his legs and pulled up his pants slightly, then nodded. The small ankle strapped Kimber .32 automatic still remained snug, and as he listened closely, he could hear his heartbeat rise and fall off his ribcage against the shoulder holster and Ruger .9mm.           Turning in his chair now, more from boredom than anything else, he checked out his surroundings again once more. The thirty-five-hundred-foot condo he was in was exquisitely decked out with expensive oak and marble furnishings. Large ceilings, and a winding marble stairway twisted its way upstairs towards the bedrooms--the place where he would hopefully end up if the evening played itself out right.
His ears twitched, and this time, he turned fully, facing the bathroom where the walk-in shower was. He could hear the tiny streams of water massaging her body and intermingling with the sounds of the midnight chirps of crickets pouring in through the window.
He sat. He waited. It wouldn't be long before she'd come out now. He'd play his role as a gentleman and help to dry her off, of course then hopefully be escorted upstairs to the room where he would make the passionate love that he now fantasized about with her.
As he pondered, he also thought about what needed to happen; the task at hand. Was he up to it? It was a job, and a job that paid well, he reasoned bitterly. He sighed, then turned back around and leaned back into the chair thinking to himself, How did I get to this point?


In a world of destitute and violence. A  war wizard and vampire find the  unthinkable; a love worth fighting for, and individuals worth dying for. With mystical creatures doing battle against them. Can Safi and Tender's power save a world spiraling?

Lost Boy

It was supposed to be quick, in and out. A put the tim down type of lick, that’s all. But it all went so very wrong…fast. Jabari had this crazy passion for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and making a helluva lot of wrong decisions. His homeboy paid a price for it with his life and Jabari ends up with two bodies on his hands.
He needs to obtain money back that was stolen from a slick, ghetto, sheisty District Attorney, then find the only witness to the murders so he can have a clean slate. On top of it all, the witness also happens to be the one who’s found the money. But there are others stalking him, wanting the same thing, the money.
Jabari needs to handle business fast before he too becomes the next victim or body, so he won’t be forever…lost. Get caught up with Jabari and turn the pages in this drama filled, action-packed novel written by the novelist ~Dean Hamid~

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