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Lost Boy

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Jabari and his homeboy Rip find out about this lick making some real quick cash, or so it seems. Behind this scheme is a grimy cat that goes by the name of Diplite, and a just as equally shysty thug named Hulie; who Jabari has had his own bad run in's with, nevertheless, he goes for it.  

Things go sideways from there. 

Shots get fired, people get killed, and Diplite hauls ass on him. Jabari gets caught up in a murder conniving with Hulie on a wayward idea that only make matters worse. Determined to turn the tables at whatever cost, they come up with a plan. A bad one at that. Complicating matters even more. The one person least likely in this whole scenario, holds the stacked deck in their clutches. So, will they catch up with this slippery figure to get right? Or, will bad, ghetto karma catch up with them first? Making them both, forever lost. 

Written by the literary, urban, novelist, and author Dean Hamid. Combining the elements of old world Charleston, with the rudimentary, gritty South Carolina flavor to pen this page turning, must read novel. 

Lost Boy. 



Dean Hamid / Author

   I'm Dean Hamid, somewhat of a old school type of guy. Been around for awhile, writing. Different schools of thought in regard to the craft. Born and raised in Brooklyn; Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Bed-Stuy. Attended Art and Design high school in NYC; studied in Broadcasting, and I'm also a Military Vet. I've been a husband, and I'm a father. These things have shaped me into the man I am, and the books I write.

       I made the decision to become a published author because I believe, that I can do what a guy like Stephen Spielberg, David Baldacci, Dean Koonz does, and write great stories. I believe that I could be just as successful.
         I like to do Mysteries, Suspense, and Action-Thrillers, however, I would definitely want to stay with Urban, not necessarily African-American, but Urban nonetheless.
       I have no desire to tell of the initial hand to mouth of the street hustlers. I like to delve more into the what made it come about, and the whole thought and drive that pushes criminal behavior. The inward thoughts, and mind-set.
    That's the realities of what I saw growing up. That's the story I want to tell.

I'm always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and sharing them with much larger audiences. As a professional storyteller, I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways.


Cold hard wind

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    Kim Rashell Williams is that girl. That girl who pulled herself out of her 'so-called' hood, and did something with her life; despite a verbally abusive father. Her mother, also verbally as well as physically abused. Not able to take it anymore, she left, leaving a very young child to fend for herself. Kim became the girl who hid herself in books, and was ridiculed as a result of, but she went on to attain a higher level of education and hence leave the hood. But, the price to bear, was phycological damage, causing bouts with anxiety.
    However, in College, she becomes close with a Laotian student named, Malana. And together, they endure the same things, feelings. She was Kim's first BFF. After graduating, she became very successful; calling shots. Single, educated, and beautiful.
    Thrn, one night, her friend Malana calls her. Distraught. Scared for her life. Kim rushes to her home only to find out she's been murdered, along with her whole family, but she finds her daughter. The only one left alive. She ponders going to the Police, but learns quickly that somehow they're involved; along with a deadly Asian gang. They have to run.
    Along the way she teams up with Congratulations, and Lui, and with their help and their strength, Kim steps up and confronts the hard core killers trying to take her, and Malana's child, Alika out.
    Now, they're all marked for death. Narrowly escaping danger with their lives, but it's Kim who has to find out who to turn to? To trust. And, what she has to do to keep her and the child alive?  But then, what do the mysterious Asian markings, the tattoo, that she finds on the child's back mean? Life, or death?
    For Kim her only option is to use her smarts to keep them all alive and safe from Master Tran, boss of the notorious Hip Chong Tong, and the corrupted Police who are on her trail, before she falls prey to Detroit's...
'Cold hard wind...'


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Writer. Author. Thinker. Storyteller.

Welcome to my website. As a professional Author, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it — a mission which has cast me in many different roles: author, artist, and creative innovator. Read some of my work below, ranging from published books to more informal blog posts.



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Dunya: The do or die

In 1971, Khalid Muhammad spoke out against the violence and drugs that plagued the Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn community. Tragically he lost his life as a result, soon after, a bitter, violent vortex encircles the lives of his family. Despite his wife Waseema’s struggles against all odds to hold the family down, it wasn’t enough. Their oldest son, Mustapha, resorts to selling drugs; their son Rasheed gets caught up robbing drug dealers and their daughter Shaheeda, falls prey to the crack-cocaine and prostitution that ravages the once proud and thriving Bushwick-Hylan Projects.
To make matters worse, Rasheed and his crew rob a larger than life stash of cash and drugs from one of Brooklyn's top dope pushers. In the complex web of events that take place next, Rasheed unwittingly stumbles on a break involving his father's death. The web is further tangled by the betrayal of his lover, and best friend hindering his quest to avenge the persons responsible. Meanwhile his crew, and family unite attempting to break the clutches of a psychotic drug king-pen named Carlos. 

In the all too thrilling, Houdini-like finish, his father's past threatens to hold onto secrets that may one day set Rasheed free from his demons. But all is not lost when Khalid's last words are revealed; an Arabic translation for the melodramatic lunacy of Rasheed's crazed world-the only clue...Dunya!


Lovin Safari

Available wherever books are sold Wahida Clark Distribution and Media

There's nothing like a woman who's attractive, educated and armed with many talents. Talents that could knock a grown man to his knees even if he's supposed to be putting her down on her back.

Meet Safari Kennedy, a only child born to parents who both meet an untimely death, but unlike her mother who dies in a automobile accident, Safari witnesses the murder of her father. For some unbeknownst reason, the killer lets her get away. Years pass, and she never tells a soul, but spends her time preparing to cross his path, again.

Then, there is Zues Bellot, a crafty, seasoned assassin. An assistant to one of the most powerful political, mobsters in St. Louis, Missouri; Mr. Gunzz Black. Men, who by day dress in suits kissing babies, but by night control another market that dominates both worlds; criminal.

Not looking for love. Zues and Safari, are on a conquest not knowing how they will play into each other's hands until it's too late, or is it? Will Safari and Zues allow Gunzz Black to have his way, or even fate; or will they remain focused on the task at hand,

finally finishing something that was started in their past?

It's all about to be revealed when the past walks the future down with possible grave consequences.

Hell has no fury

Shakespeare once wrote, ‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorned...’, well, Mya has finally had enough of the physical abuse, disrespect, shame and mental melt-downs. She's tired of hiding bruises with makeup. She's fed-up.      Her old man, Aziz, and his cohort Miles, hustle heroin together. As top lieutenants, they're trying to prove their self worth in a narcotics collective: running crews of young wayward thugs to moving product, and collecting money owed to Joker, the big boss. They're diligent, independent contractors competing for respect, power, and a chance to move up a vile and ever scathing dope chain.      Joker is a twisted mobster with the reputation for the brutal enforcement of rules that he makes up as he goes along. If you owe, not only are you in jeopardy, but so are the members of your family. Peanut crossed the line, and unfortunately, regrettably, found out all too late.      Mya’s girlfriend Skyler has eyes for Juvall, an old school flame who works with her at a midtown Manhattan graphics company. Skyler's high maintenance and gold-digging ways, have Juvall lacking. He desperately needs a come up, and Joker's stash may just be it. Somebody wants revenge! Joker, Miles, and even the dope fiends they use are potential targets from an indiscriminate, deranged killer; as Aziz's own fate hangs precariously, unbalanced in the winds that blow high across the East River.      Will Mya finally get even? Will Peanut get some get-back at Joker? Will Skyler save Juvall from his own self-impending doom? You'll be turning the pages in this suspenseful saga of urban drama set in the gritty, hardcore section of New York City's Lower East Side..... Alphabet City. Dean Hamid Presents Hell has no fury 

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